How to take great photos of your baby

Taking a great photo of your baby is easy if you follow some basic principals, just grab your camera or smart phone and read on.


Lighting is one of the most important elements of a great photo. Use natural light and turn off your flash. Find a well lit space – such as in front of a window or glass door inside, or a gentle sunny spot outside – to take your photo. Don’t take the photo with the light source behind your baby – you will get heavy shadows across their face and body in a silhouette effect.

Choose the best time of day – the first hour after sunrise or the last two hours before sunset are known to photographers as the “magic hours” because the light is warm and soft, and the colours rich.

Choose the right time of the day

There’s better times of the day to take your photos for reasons other than just lighting. Think about when your baby will be in the best mood – well fed, rested and calm. Late in the day, or the “witching hour” as many parents know it, is not the best time to get a cooperative baby.

Simplify your backdrop

Remove any distractions from around your baby to make sure she’s the focus. Use a simple backdrop like a sheet on the couch, or a rug on the floor. Texture is can add interest without being distracting – a sheepskin rug can be a beautiful backdrop, and will keep your baby comfortable too.

Tell a story

Tell a story in your photograph. What is your baby up to at that moment in time? If you are photographing them with their “First tooth” milestone card, try to get them to give you a toothy smile. If it’s they’re “crawled for the first time” card, have them up on their hands and knees. Use cute outfits like a rain coat and boots in Winter to show the time of year, or sun hat and spade in summer. If you’re using the animal milestone cards, add a soft toy in that relates to the animal – e.g. a toy bird or fish for the 3 month old card featuring cats.

Keep your baby happy

Feed your baby half an hour before the shoot and make sure she’s not due for a nap. She should be comfortable in her clothes, and they should be appropriate for the weather. Use a heater inside on cold days. Make sure she has a clean nappy.

Mix it up

Take a range of photos from different angles: full body shots from above, intimate close ups from beside them. Try some different backdrops and props.

Use the same setting

Using the same backdrop or a soft toy next to your baby each time will make a lovely series of photographs that you can frame together to show how they have grown.

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